1) Do I have to live in a specific residence hall to participate in FIGs?

No, students may live in any residence hall or live off-campus.


2) Do I have to take English 101 before taking English 214, 235, 238 or 239?

No, there are no prerequisites to take English 214, 235, 238 or 239. Most first-year students do take ENG 101 during their first year at Western.


3) The FIG I pre-registered for only has 12 credits. When can I add another class to my fall schedule?

First-year students may add classes to their schedule during Summerstart in August. If you cannot attend Summerstart, academic advising and class registration will be scheduled for you during Fall Orientation in September. 


4) Some FIGs include courses at the 200 or 300 level. Aren't freshman supposed to take 100 level courses?

First year students often take courses that are not at the 100 level. Any of the courses selected for FIGs permit freshman to enroll. Broadly stated, 100 level courses tend to be an introduction to a topic or a survey course. Courses in the 200 or 300 tend to be of a slightly narrower focus. For example, PSY 101 is "Introduction to Psychology" whereas PSY 240 is "Social Psychology."


5) I am a science major. Should I enroll in FIGs?

Science majors must build their freshmen schedule around their program requirements. These typically require taking both Chemistry and Calculus fall term, which make it difficult to register for most FIG clusters. In some cases, a science student can begin the Chemistry sequence in winter, taking math and a FIG fall. However, the science requirements must take first priority and such a schedule must be approved by an academic advisor. For some students the "Environmental Science Interest" FIG may be a good option, but again, we recommend confirming that selection with an academic advisor.



6) Can I change my schedule at Summerstart if an advisor recommends something other than FIGs?

Yes! You may add or drop a FIG cluster during Summerstart. Please note that you will need to add or drop all three courses if you choose not to be in FIGs.


7) I accidentally registered for the wrong FIG. How do I change my registration?

Until July 28th, 2017, you may update your FIG registration online by clicking on "Register in Advance" and then "Edit or Change and Existing Registration". You will need your W# that you used to register. After July 28, you may make corrections during Summerstart.


8) I am in the Honors Program. Should I enroll in FIGs?

Please check with the Honors Program Office if you are interested in FIGs. Most students elect to enroll in the Honors First-year Sequence courses in lieu of a FIG.


9) I am a Fairhaven student. Should I enroll in FIGs?

Most Fairhaven students do not enroll in FIGs because they involve GUR courses. Please check with the Fairhaven College Advising Coordinator if you wish to enroll in FIGs.


Page Updated 01.27.2017