Fall 2018 FYE Course Description

The following FYE course is anticipated to be offered in the Fall 2018 program (subject to change).


English 238

Society through its Literature: Seeking Refuge--Literature of Hope and Heartache

Instructor: Goebel

Course details: 5cr, HUM

Time: TR, 10:00 - 11:50 AM

CRN: 40939

This course will explore historical and contemporary human rights issues associated with the hope and heartache of immigration. Literature can open our eyes, complicate our beliefs, and force us to wrestle with the myriad reasons human beings seek refuge. It can also put human faces on issues in the news, deepening our understanding of the complexities behind sometimes emotional discussions, and raising issues that affect children, teens, and adults. In this course, we will turn to literature, film, documentary, music, and art, often featuring children and teens, to examine multiple perspectives and consider our relationships, roles and responsibilities -- personal, familial, community -- to the reason people seek refuge. And, we will create new understandings, learning with and from each other in the intimacy of this small FYE class.




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