District 11

District 11 Map

Haskell Plaza and Surrounds

Character features (to be maintained or enhanced):

  • Open Space:
    Haskell Plaza is spacious and accommodates major north/south pedestrian traffic on the east half; west half offers quiet areas out of the mainstream of traffic for socializing and studying. CV/SMATE lawn, at a lower grade and outside major pathways, provides an oasis of relative quiet in the academic core.
  • Circulation:
    Fluid movement within the plaza promoted by curving pattern of colored pavers and landscaped berms representing the San Juan Islands.
  • Building Character and Material:
    Building character reflects the evolution of campus from north to south. Glass and concrete wall formed by CB, SMATE and BI lend a contemporary, futuristic quality. AH and ET form a higher, hard edge to the east, and ES and PH anchor the south. All are primarily concrete with the exception of ET, which is evocative of Old Main with brick face and climbing plant material on west side.
  • Site furnishings:
    Illuminated bollards between PH and BI (also located at the steps between WL and HH) add an "art deco" element.
  • Landmarks:
    Tore Otterness' "Feats of Strength" figurines add a whimsical element to the plaza in contrast to hard edges of "Normanno Wedge" by Beverly Pepper. Large boulders and Hamrol's "Log Ramps" provide seating and encourage socializing. Aycock sculpture provides quiet contemplative enclave and unexpected delight when viewed from the bridge between CB and SMATE.
  • Portals & Views:
    Southerly view of the valley between PH & ES. Sehome Arboretum to the east. Wooded Ridgeway Complex to the west.

Character issues:

  • With the exception of the Arntzen Hall "hanging garden," adjacent experimental garden and Biology Greenhouse, the westerly views off East College Way are industrial in character and need improvement.
  • Standard globe light fixtures are consistently used for pedestrian pathways, however, non-conforming "globe on arm fixtures" line East College Way.
  • The mix of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles pose hazardous conditions along East College Way.

Special Notes:

  • District is generally built-out. Additional academic space possible by adding the fourth floor to ET as originally designed.
  • Because District 11 is completely surrounded by other campus districts, it is less subject to IMP requirements than districts adjacent to city neighborhoods.


Haskell Plaza

Feats of Strength

Southerly view of valley between Parks Hall and Environmental Studies

Ross Engineering Technology Building from East College Way

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