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Self-Service Requests

Last Update 10-26-07 (whm/ss) Added the Video Tutorial section with one video Logging into Self-Service

Self-Service Requests

Video Tutorials - These provide an alternate presentation of the same information below.

Requestor - Must have a WWU user name and password to log in

Log in to FAMIS Self Service - See Opening FAMIS Self-Service for more detail

  1. Confirm Requestor
    • Complete new requestor info if required - first time access only
      • Select site - Always "AllWWU" - only for new requester
    • Under Display Service Requests - click on Create Service Request
    • Confirm Requestor info as needed
  2. Select Services
    • Available Services - Select Client
    • Services within the Client Selected - Select response time
    • Services within the Client selected and response time - Select work on something existing or new
  3. Enter Service Details
    • Complete work description
    • Complete desired start and due dates
    • On Project for Assist Work Orders for Public Works Projects use the following convention for the Title
      • PWxxx Assist Work Orders
  4. Enter Location
  5. Review
    • Review and Finish
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