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FAMIS User Guide

FAMIS User Manual Outline Structure

This FAMIS User Guide outline is structured to match the FAMIS navigational directory tree with the addition of "General Information About FAMIS".

This FAMIS User Guide outline identifies screen forms buttons, tabs, fields which required user action with bold text. Some are self-explanatory and have not been documented. Field auto filled by FAMIS are not included in this manual at this time.

FAMIS User Guide Outline FAQ

Using current process Business Practice Analysis (BPA’s) previously prepared, below is a list of questions of how FAMIS will be needed/used to complete any given process manage work flow for campus facilities, ground and utilities. Answers are provided in the documentation by SMEs in the outline content.

FAMIS User Guide for Training

This FAMIS User Guide can be used for training. When not applicable to a specific process a specific FAMIS User Training Manuals will be created.

Glossary of Terms

- to be defined

Basic Navigation Information

- to be defined

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