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Renovation/Construction Services Definition:

This is work provided by FM crews to install anything new.  This is not work that is replacing something existing with a matching item.  That is maintenance.  Below are some examples of renovation/construction work versus maintenance work:

  • Shelving
    • New shelving is construction
    • Relocating existing shelving to a new location is construction.
    • Repairing existing shelving is maintenance.
  • Windows
    • Replacing an existing window is maintenance if it is replaced of matching size, even if replacement includes upgraded glazing and sash material.
    • Replacing an existing window that is larger than the existing wall penetration is construction.
  • Electrical wall receptacle
    • Replacing a worn out receptacle is maintenance.
    • Adding an additional receptacle is construction.
    • Upgrading the capacity or type of a receptacle is construction.

Requesting Renovation/Construction Services:

All renovations/construction work is self-sustaining. To request these services a funded Work Request must be submitted to the Work Control Center. For questions contact the Work Control Center at 650-3420.

Maintenance Services Definitions

Page Updated 11.25.2013