Electrical Services

Services provided:

  • Assist with electrical safety training for campus personnel
  • Assist with FM's Design Group
  • Assist with public works projects as requested
  • Emergency response when necessary
  • General electrical installation work on in-house projects
  • Location of underground utilities as a team member with other shops
  • Maintenance and repairs to campus wide medium voltage (a.k.a. high voltage) electrical system and other electrical systems
  • Maintenance of campus fire extinguishers
  • Renovations, maintenance and repairs as a team member with all other FM shops
  • Renovations, maintenance and repairs in support of University Residences
  • Troubleshooting and repairs to campus equipment

Supervisor of Electrical Services:
Phone: 650-3208


Photo credit: Aaron Buma   Electrical panel

Page Updated 11.25.2013