Fleet Maintenance Services

Fleet Maintenance Services is the single source for maintenance and repairs of state owned/leased motor vehicles on campus.

Services Provided:

Fleet Maintenance Services provides essential maintenance and repairs for over 400 motorized gas, diesel and electric vehicles and equipment which include the following:

  • University Police Vehicles
  • University Police Parking Lot Maintenance Vehicles
  • Facilities Maintenance Shop Vehicles
  • Inclement Weather Response (snow plows, sanders, etc.)
  • Fueling, Vehicle Leases & Utility Billing
  • Outdoor Maintenance Services (pumps, mowers, trimmers, blowers, chain saws, etc.)
  • Emergency Response (Emergency Generators, Incident Response Team Equipment)
  • Campus Community Owned Vehicles
  • Fleet Maintenance provides and maintains a card operated fuel facility for all university vehicles.
  • Certified Emissions Test Facility (EPA Emissions Testing)
  • Provide emergency response and essential repairs on an on call basis for essential equipment.
  • Provides technical assistance on repairs of essential in building equipment such as emergency backup generators.

Leased Program Services:

Most campus vehicles are provided through the Facilities Management (FM) lease program. There are two basic lease program groups:

  1. Fueling, Vehicle Leases & Utility Billing
  2. FM Shop Vehicles

See Fueling, Vehicle Leases & Utility Billing for additional information. Leased program includes planned maintenance and repairs provided by Fleet Maintenance.

Other Fleet Services:

Any services requested that are not within the lease program require a funded Self-Service Request submitted to the Work Control Center, 650-3420. Typical other fleet services are:

  • Accident repairs above the deducible for vehicles.
  • Any maintenance on vehicles not in the FM lease program.
  • Any work on department owned equipment or vehicles.

Contact Us:

Gary Hardman, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor

  • email:
  • Phone: 650-5083
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