Academic & Auxiliary Facilities Maintenance Services

Services Provided

This shop includes all maintenance mechanics assigned to specific buildings and/or utility systems. (See Assignments.) In general, academic facilities maintenance is funded by the state with some exceptions and auxiliary facilities are maintained on a recharge basis. (See "Understanding Maintenance Types and Funding Needs" for a complete explanation.) The maintenance mechanics are the first line trades for maintenance services and generally provide the following:

  • Building mechanical systems maintenance including heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC)
  • Building system inspections
  • Classroom furniture repair (all departmental furniture is self sustaining work)
  • Door and window maintenance
  • Facility preventative maintenance
  • Fixed shelving repairs
  • Fountain maintenance (Fisher Fountain)
  • Light fixture maintenance
  • Motorized projection screen maintenance
  • Plumbing fixture maintenance
  • Pool maintenance Carver and Wade King Recreational Center


Supervisor of Academic Facilities Maintenance Services:

  • Lloyd Hungate
  • email:
  • Phone: 650-2879

Supervisor of Auxiliary Facilities Maintenance Services:

  • Jason Kaehr
  • email:
  • Phone: 650-3205

Maintenance Mechanic Assignments



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