Building & Utilities Services

Building & Utilities Services provides the operation and maintenance of all utility systems for the university.

Services Provided

Utility Systems operated and maintained

  • Compressed air distribution – Used in all main campus facilities
  • Electrical – High voltage distribution system
  • Building Automation Control (BAC) – Controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in all major campus facilities
  • Fire alarm life safety systems
  • Security systems
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Site lighting (Parking lot lighting is self sustaining funded through Parking Services)
  • Steam and condensate distribution – Provides energy source to heat all major campus facilities (exceptions are 32nd Street, Hannegan Road & Shannon Point Marine Center)
  • Stormwater and drainage systems
  • Tunnels and trenches
  • Water (both domestic and fire)

Utility Maintenance Services

Facilities Maintenance Services provides the maintenance on the utility systems listed above except for the Steam Plant with the same personnel used to operate and maintain facilities on campus.  The Steam Plant is separately staffed and provides all operating and maintenance tasks on the equipment within the Steam Plant.  The steam distribution system outside of the Steam Plant is operated and maintained by the Facilities Maintenance crews.

FM Shops providing these services

Steam Plant

The Steam Plant runs a 24 hour per day 365 days per year operation that provides the steam and compressed air for the majority of the central campus facilities.  This operation is housed in the Steam Plant Building and consists of 5 natural gas fired boilers with a combined capacity to generate 253 thousand pounds of steam per hour.  Steam Plant basic services are:

  • Provide steam for campus distribution for space heat and hot water
  • Provide compressed air for campus distribution for building control systems and academic labs uses
  • Operate Big Ole for Emergency Management notifications
  • Provide FM crew call backs for services after normal business hours

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Contact Us

Utility Maintenance Services

Vacant, Manager of Facilities & Utilities Maintenance Services:

  • email:
  • Phone:

See the FM Shop providing the maintenance services above for the shop contact information.

Steam Plant

Al Wheeler, Chief Engineer:

  • email:
  • Phone: (360) 650-3508

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