Quality Assurance

Facilities Management's Quality Assurance program combines facilitating new construction Public Works reviews, updating design standards and guidelines, asset condition assessments and capital funding requests in one area.  Created in 2005 to provide a single point clearinghouse for this unique blend of services proves to be very beneficial.

Services Provided:

Public Works Projects Quality Assurance Program

  • Design Reviews: Facilitates reviews of public works projects throughout the design process to assure conformance with WWU standards and best industry practices.
    • Schedule: Coordinate with the FDCB Project Manager to schedule design reviews at the end of each design phase, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents.
    • Maintainability:  Verify that design can be efficiently and safely maintained with current maintenance practices and is in compliance with the campus design standards and guidelines.  Coordinate with management when new maintenance practices are required.
  • Standards & Guidelines: Establish WWU product design standards based on sustained functionality and long term maintainability.
    • Standards for additional product types are under development.  The number of published sections has reached 55 since the creation of the QA Coordinator position.
  • Optimized Solutions: Facilitate optimized solutions when competing needs become apparent or budget limitations rule out the preferred solution.

Condition Assessment & Reporting

  • Audit existing facilities, grounds and utilities to determine condition and outstanding repairs/upgrades needed.
  • Track deficiencies, solutions and needed upgrades with an in-house developed database called “FacMan”.
  • Report facility size, location, use, and condition statistics to meet State Office of Financial Management (OFM) annual requirements.
    • OFM's Facilities Inventory System (FIS) is the official reporting of Western's facilities assets to the state.  This reporting does not yet include grounds and utilities assets.
    • Publish “Facility Facts” with location, size and statistics of all WWU building and property assets.
    • Update FAMIS work management software as the Document of Record for Western’s building and property assets
    • Provide WWU's input to the state's Comparable Framework based on the FacMan database.
  • Utilize the 2007 Utility Master Plan to assess condition and capital investment needs for the core utilities serving main campus and assure they have the capacity for the projected enrollment growth and 10 year capital plan.

FM Capital Funding Requests

  • Clearinghouse single point of contact for FM capital funding requests.
  • Facilitate prioritization of FM funding requests among the major categories required by OFM in the Capital Budget Instructions.  These are Health, Safety and Code; Facility Preservation; Infrastructure Preservation; and Program.
  • Produce “Backlog Reduction Plan” for 10 year Capital Plan produced each biennia.
  • Coordinate project scopes for funding requests and close the loop back to new construction project reviews to assure the initial problems identified get fixed.
  • Since inception of the QA Coordinator position, $18 Million has been invested in Minor Works Preservation and continued functionality of facilities at Western.

Metrics & Benchmarks:

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