Utility Planning

Utility Planning provides the operation and maintenance of all utility systems for the university.

Services Provided

Utility Planning and Operations

Provides support to the Facilities Management (FM) Director in overall utility planning by contributing Utility Maintenance and Operations experience to Utility Master Planning.  Facilities Management Utility Planning responsibilities are shared with:

  • FM Operations - Utility Maintenance Services
  • FM Operations - Quality Assurance Program
    • Oversight of Utility Master Plan
    • Integrates utility preservation requests into the capital funding request cycle to help guarantee the continuous operation of campus utilities and bring attention to funded for long term utility infrastructure needs.
  • FM Operations - Utility Procurement and Forecasting Utility Costs.
    • Utility Contracting
    • Utility budget forecasting
    • Coordination with Office of Sustainability
    • Coordination with the Utility Risk Management Committee.
    • Contact:
      • Greg Hough, 650-3311 
  • Facilities Development and Capital Budget (FDCB)

Contact Us

William Managan, Assistant Director, Operational Planning & Engineering:

  • email:
  • Phone: (360) 650-3077

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