Work Control Center

The Work Control Center provides the work flow coordination for all Facilities Management (FM) crews.

Services Provided

  • Maintain radio field contact with maintenance and operations personnel.
  • Performs data entry of all associated data including work requests, FM purchasing, labor and materials.
  • Provides centralized support for the receipt, distribution and tracking of all in-house maintenance, renovation and construction projects.
  • Schedules and performs "Utility Shutdowns" and other potentially disruptive work necessary for repairs and construction.
  • Tracks phone requests for all maintenance repairs.
  • Provide guarantee project estimates.
  • Provide work scheduling services.
  • Coordinate Preventive Maintenance services for all FM clients.
  • Provide FAMIS funding authority support in process FAMIS service orders, work orders and projects.

Requesting FM Services

ALL inquiries concerning maintenance repairs, repair requests, jobs in progress, shutdown information, etc. should be made to the WCC directly via phone (650-3420) or by email:

For more information about types of maintenance and requesting FM services see:

Work requests: Remodel/renovation requests should be made via the "FAMIS Self-Service Request" form. The budget authority section must always be filled out even when requesting an estimate.

Typical Requests include:

  • Creation/revision of signage including building directory signage.
  • Improvements to heating/air conditioning/ventilation systems (often needed when new computers or electronic equipment are added).
  • Installation/disassembly of room dividers and office furniture.
  • Installation/removal/relocation of blackboards/whiteboards/bulletin boards/shelving, etc.
  • Interior painting (when done outside the normal schedule).
  • Remodel of an office or existing space.
  • Requests for extra custodial service.
  • Updates to electrical service (often needed when additional computers and/or other electronic equipment are added).
  • Vehicle repairs.

Services Not Provided by FM - Many times is still coordinated with FM Services

Lock Shop

  • Academic area locks 650-2757
  • Auxiliary area locks (University Residences, Viking Union, Food Services, etc.) 650-3557

Central Stores / Transport Services 650-3546

  • Delivery of supplies, moves furniture, equipment etc. and transport of entire offices and departments.

Telecommunications / Cable Services 650-3600

Contact Us

Jamie Granger, Fiscal Specialist Supervisor

  • Phone:  (360) 650-4657
  • Email:

William Managan, Assistant Director

  • Email:
  • Phone:  (360) 650-3077

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Work Control Center

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