Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the important deadlines?
A. Fiscal Year End (June 30): View the current Fiscal Year end calendar for critical deadlines that must be met during June & July. Start planning for any large dollar purchases before March of each year.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about a Banner charge?
A. See chart for specific contact names and numbers.

Journal Vouchers

Q. How do I know if my JV was approved or not?
A. To check the approval status of a JV, follow these steps:

  • Go to Web4U and click the Finance tab
  • Click View Document
  • In the Choose type field, from the drop-down menu, select Journal Voucher
  • In the Document Number field, type your JV #, including the J (example: J0001111)
  • Click Approval History

If there are approvals required, they will be listed just under the heading “Approvals required”.

Under “Approvals recorded”, you can view the people who have already approved the JV.

If there is a green check mark that says, “There are no approvals required at this time,” your JV is either fully approved or has been denied. Look at the Approvals recorded and at the Queue column. If the most current entry is “DENY”, your JV has been disapproved.

Q. I have not received an email for a JV I know I need to approve. What can I do?
A. An approver does not have to receive the email to approve a JV. You can see all JVs that are available for your approval by taking the following steps:

  • Go to Web4U and click the Finance tab
  • Click Approve Document
  • Make sure your User ID defaulted into that field
  • Click the dot next to “All documents which you may approve”
  • Click Submit Query
  • To view any of the resulting documents, click on the document number
  • To view the approval history, click “History”
  • To approve, click “Approve”, then click “Approve Document”

Q. Why was my JV disapproved/denied?
A. To see why your JV was denied, follow these steps:

  • Log in to a Banner session
  • On the right hand side of the window, click the link “Check Banner Messages”
  • Press F7 to clear the screen
  • In the Item field, type your JV # (include the J; ex: J0001111)
  • Press F8 to search
  • This will pull up every message sent for that one document. Look through the messages to see one that says the document is disapproved
  • Click the Recipient field for the entry with the disapproval message
  • Click the pencil,  to read the full message.

Q. How do I correct a JV once it has been disapproved?
A. Start by opening a Banner session. Go to the JV entry screen you prefer (FGAJVCD or FGAJVCM). Type in the document number for the disapproved JV and <Ctrl><Pg Down>. You can now edit/add as if you were just now creating the document. Once your corrections are made, <Ctrl><Pg Down> until you get the Complete/In Process options and click Complete. This will resubmit the JV into the approval process.

Q. How do I clear a Banner message once I’ve read it?
A. After you’ve read your JV messages, you can mark them as read by selecting the “Complete” radio button. Mark them all as complete then save. The green checkmark will be gone from the Banner home screen and the form will be empty until you get a new message.

Q. I do the same JV (with different amounts) each month; do I have to re-key it each month?
A. You can copy an existing JV into a new JV form by following these steps:

  • Go to the JV entry screen, FGAJVCM or FGAJVCD
  • Leave the document number blank as usual but instead of control-page down, click on the small icon iconto the right of the document number field.
  • A Copy popup window will appear
  • Enter the previous JV number into the Copy From Document Number field
  • Leave the Copy To Document Number field blank
  • Check the Copy Text box if you want the same text to carry over, and click OK
  • Modify any fields that need updating, including the control total, and complete as usual.

Q. Is there an easy way to save an image of a JV?
A. You can create and save a .pdf version of a JV anytime between the creation of the JV and the final posting of that JV.

  • Log in to a Banner session
  • Go to FWRJVCH – Journal Voucher Report and <Ctrl><Pg Down> to the parameters
  • Enter your JV number and whether or not you’d like a download file in addition to the pdf.
  • After running the job, go to Options > Job Submission Report Output and click on the View button next to the output file. Your JV will open as a .pdf and can be saved to your computer.


Q. I accidentally loaded the wrong document to NolijWeb, how do I get rid of it?
A. The folders in NolijWeb are protected against document deletions to prevent accidental loss of backup data.  If you need to delete something from NolijWeb, contact Debbi Baughn or Diane Fuller and ask us to delete it for you. 

Page Updated 04.21.2016