Journal Vouchers - Accounting

Journal Vouchers are used to transfer expenditures or revenues within a department budget or between budget units of the university.

Online JV processing

JVs are keyed directly into Banner using either of the following forms:






View a flow chart to determine if a transfer (K code) or internal revenue (H code)


View step-by-step instructions on entering or approving a JV via Banner


View brief version step-by-step instructions



JV Types:

  • J079 Intrafund Transfers - Transfers within the same fund.
  • J096 Interfund Transfers - Transfers between funds but within the same chart.
  • J089 Transfers between Charts - Transfers between different charts, e.g. between Western and The Foundation.

Control Total is the sum of all amounts, ignoring whether they are debit or credit.

An explanation is required – please don’t forget the document text when keying a Banner JV. Please be thorough and specific in your explanation and tick the print box for all lines of text.

There are three Chart of Accounts:

  1. Western Washington University
  2. The Western Foundation
  3. Alumni Association

JV's with incorrect data will be disapproved and electronically returned to the preparer. If you have additional questions, call the Journal Voucher Help Line at 360-650-3568.


Page Updated 06.22.2016