Journal Vouchers


Abbreviated Instructions

Pritable Version


  1. Prepare Attachments – scanner and computer
    1. Scan the documents and confirm the folder on your computer where they are saved

  2. Create and Submit JV - Banner
    1. Log in to MyWestern
    2. Open a Banner session
    3. Type FGAJVCD and press enter
    4. Control Page Down
    5. If it is near the end of the month, change the transaction date to an early date in next month. Otherwise, leave what defaults.
    6. In Document Total, type the amount of the JV – this is the sum of all the entries without a + or – in front.

    7. Document Text
    8. Click “Options” then “Document Text”
      1. Type the explanation for why you are doing this JV.
      2. For each line you type, click the box in the “Print” column
      3. Press F10 to save
      4. Click the black X to exit the Document Text
      5. exit

      Line Items
    9. Control page down
    10. Press tab
    11. In Journal Type, type J089
    12. Type in the first budget string
      Any of these fields: COA, Index, Fund, Orgn, Acct, Prog, Actv, Locn, Project
    13. In the Amount field, put in the dollar amount for that particular budget string
    14. In the Debit/Credit field type C or D depending on whether the budget string needs to be debited or credited
    15. In the Description field, type a very brief description of that specific transaction – this is what will print on budget reports
    16. In the Document Reference field, type the document that created the need for the JV (such as your order number) – this may be left blank
    17. Press F10 to save
    18. To enter a new line, press the down arrow then enter another line starting with step i and repeating for as many items as you need.

    19. Review your items
    20. After you have entered all your line items, and pressed F10, you should review your entries:
      1. click Options
      2. Click Access Transaction Summary Info
      3. Review the entries
      4. Exit the review screen by clicking the black X

      Complete the document

    21. Control page down
    22. Write down your document #
    23. Click Complete

  1. Attach Attachments - Nolijweb
    1. From MyWestern, open Nolijweb
    2. In the Journal Voucher DOC_NUM field, type your document number. Example: J0001111
    3. Press Enter
    4. In the upper left box of the screen, click the JV folder and name:
    5. In the bottom left box (System), find the folder on your computer where you saved your attachments – you will see the files in that folder by looking in the bottom right box (System Objects)
    6. Drag the attachment from the System Objects box to the box directly above it
    7. Close Nolijweb by clicking the red x logout

  2. Review Messages – Banner
    1. A few days after you have completed your JV, start logging into Banner daily, and watch the right side of the Banner window. Keep an eye on your Check Banner Messages link. When it has a green check mark, there is a message for you to view.
    2. Click on the link
    3. The screen will look similar to this:
    4. Look at Item to see what JV the message is referring to (you will often get multiple message regarding the same item #)
    5. Look at the message field to see if the document was approved or not.

    If the document was approved:

    1. Click the Complete button
    2. Press F10 to save
    3. Repeat for every “approved” message
    4. Click the black X to exit and then exit Banner

    If the document was disapproved/denied:

    1. Click the pencil to read the message
    2. Read the message and make note of what needs to be done to fix the JV so it will get approved
    3. Close the message by clicking OK
    4. Click the Complete button
    5. Press F10 to save
    6. Click the black X to exit
    7. Go to step 5 – Fix/Correct JV

  3. Fix/Correct JV and Resubmit – Banner
    1. Open a Banner session
    2. In the Go To box, type FGAJVCD and press enter
    3. In the Document Number box, type your Document # (example: J0001111)
    4. Control page down
    5. If you need to correct the date or document total, correct it here
    6. If you need to correct the document text, click Options, click document text, change any text that needs changing, press F10 to save the changes, then click the black X to exit the document text
    7. Control page down
    8. If you need to correct anything with one/some of the entries, use the down/up arrows to find the incorrect entries, type in the correct into and press F10 to save
    9. Control page down
    10. Click complete to resubmit the JV for approvals
    11. Go back to step 4 to watch your Banner messages

  4. Review JV for Approval Status – Web4U
    1. From MyWestern, go to Web4U
    2. Click the Finance tab
    3. Click View Document
    4. In the Choose Type box, from the drop down menu, click on Journal Voucher
    5. In the Document Number box, type your document number (example: J0001111)
    6. Click Approval History
      1. Here you can see if there are still needed and you can see Approvals recorded.
      2. Approvals required means that person has not yet approved or disapproved the document
      3. Approvals recorded shows who has approved or disapproved the JV. If the LAST person in the Approvals recorded table has DENY in the Queue column, this means that person disapproved the JV.  Go to step 4 of these instructions to review Banner messages and take corrective action.
Page Updated 04.22.2015