eCommerce Services

Schools and departments can establish themselves as merchants to sell goods and services on the web.

The eCommerce team is committed to sound financial practices, compliance with all applicable regulatory and tax statutes, and the security of all cardholder and transaction data. In support of this commitment, the Treasury Services partners with Administrative Computing and Information Security, to manage and maintain ongoing compliance with PCI DSS Requirements.


How eCommerce Is Used

Western departments can use eCommerce Services in a variety of ways:

  • Selling Physical Goods
    Use CASHNet eMarket to administer online stores with products, and securely collect payment.
  • Event Registration
    Use CASHNet eMarket to host event sites and registration pages, collect data from event participants, and securely collect credit card payments.


Benefits of Using an eMarket Site

  • Reduce/eliminate cash handling
  • Significant reduction in paper
  • Real-time posting to G/L
  • No more extra trips to the Cashier Office to make deposits
  • Your department is out of the cash handling business
  • Streamlined payment method for your customers
  • Significant reduction in account reconciliation time
  • Personalized storefront experience
  • Detailed report capabilities
    • Daily/monthly/weekly reports delivered to your mailbox
    • Tailored to your requirements
    • Multiple report formats (pdf, .xls, .doc)



eMarket examples


  • Summer Athletic Camp Registration - storefronts are used to gather registration information and accept payments. Customers access links on Viking Athletic Camps & Clinics site. Benefits: Athletic department was able to cut all brochure printing costs, all online funds are deposited immediately into team fund accounts, no longer in the cash handling business.
  • Conference and Guest Housing - storefront allows guest room selection and payment for various activities on campus including, summer athletic events (Baker Blast, Rimland Soccer Tournament), RSVP bike ride, prospective students, Summerstart/Transition extended stay, and conference attendees (Chuckanut Writers Conference, Summer Philosophy Conference). CGH takes the initial reservation over the phone and then sends a confirmation letter with a link and instructions to the payment site. Benefits: Conference and Guest Housing was able to receive payment prior to the guests arrival rather than having to invoice guests and follow-up with non-paying customers.
  • Faculty & Staff Wellness Program Exercise Class Registration - storefront allows quick and easy registration for University faculty and staff to register for quarterly fitness classes. Have the ability to offer discount codes for Employee of the Quarter winners and mid-quarter registrations. Storefront link is published on department website and sent out to University community. Benefits: funds are deposited immediately at time of customer registration, convenience for customers and class rosters are immediately available for instructors.
  • Society of Economic Geologist Annual T-shirt Sale - storefront with the ability to track inventory was set up to allow students, alumni and general public to pre-order T-shirts and hoodies. Once the pre-order phase was over, items were ordered from supplier, customers orders where fulfilled and shipped. Left over inventory was offered for online and in-person sales. The eCommerce group created a simple, informational web page that was referenced on clubs Facebook page. Benefits: SEG was able to safely and securely sell their product with all funds being deposited directly into the clubs account.
  • Various AC Club Events - various sites have been set up for:
    • WOOT! Registration
    • Ethnic Student Center Conference
    • VU Info Fair
    • NWFASA Conference
  • Risk Management Malpractice Insurance Program - storefront created to accept payment and proof of purchase of Student Medical Malpractice Insurance. Benefits: streamlined process of providing proof of payment. Students no longer need to visit the Student Business Office to make payment, get receipt and deliver to advisor. Can now register online and email receipt to advisor.
  • Integration with existing systems - eCommerce also has the ability to integrate with third party systems to seamlessly receive payments. Current integrations include:
    • Parking Services - citations, permits (daily, weekly and annual)
    • Alumni Services
    • Loan Servicing
    • International Programs & Exchanges
    • Alumni Phonathon (coming Fall 2014!)


Page Updated 07.25.2014