Campus Commerce


All University business activities involving sales of goods and services must be substantially related to supporting the University's mission.

Treasury Services is responsible for the oversight of all University campus commerce activities to ensure:

  • sound financial practices
  • compliance with all applicable regulatory and tax statutes
  • security of all customer data

Schools and departments must be authorized by Treasury Services before engaging in any business activity involving sales of goods and services to ensure operational efficiency throughout the University. All funds must be deposited timely and to the appropriate fund. All fees charged must be approved.


University Policies and Procedures


CASHNet eMarket

eMarket is a HigherOne® Payment Processing (formerly CASHNet) module that allows departments to collect money for approved services/products/fees via online storefronts. Customers are linked out from a department website to a customized storefront where they can select and pay for items via credit card. The site is PCI compliant and funds are automatically deposited to your department account.


Types of Products/Services in eMarket

Products/Services Allowed

Storefronts may be used for a variety of approved products, services, or fees such as:

  • conferences
  • donations
  • membership fees
  • event tickets
  • applications/deposits
  • physical goods
  • test fees
  • registrations

Products/Services Not Allowed

  • eMarkets are not intended for payment towards charges posted to a student's account.
  • Fees charged to students must be submitted to the Budget Office for consideration and approval.


How the eMarket Creation Process Works:

  1. Review the information presented on eMarket Guidelines
  2. Complete the eMarket Request eSign Form. (Fill out a new form for each event/service/etc.).
    Note: Forms that have not been routed to the department's Financial Manager/Budget Authority will be returned to the initiator.
  3. The eMarket team will:
    • contact the Primary Contact to arrange a meeting to discuss the store setup and design.
    • ask the department to prepare a document with their product names, descriptions, pricing, any information they wish to collect on the transaction, and any custom messages they want displayed in their storefront.
  4. The eMarket team sets up the site in a test environment for the department to view and request changes. Once the department is satisfied with the setup, the site will be moved to production and the CASHNet link is emailed to the department contact person.
  5. The department adds the CASHNet link to their website or customer correspondence.
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