Cash Handling Policies

Western Washington University maintains and enforces several policies and procedures regarding the many aspects of cash handling.

5351 - Cash Handling

POL-U5351.01 Authorizing and Maintaining Cash Receipting Locations

POL-U5351.02 Training Cash Handlers

POL-U5351.03 Supervising Cash Handling Activities

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POL-U5351.04 Issuing and Maintaining Pre-Numbered Receipts

POL-U5351.05 Maintaining Accountability Over Cash

POL-U5351.06 Accepting Cash

POL-U5351.07 Handling Rejected Items and Items Returned by the Bank

POL-U5351.08 Balancing Cash to Receipts

POL-U5351.09 Depositing Cash

POL-U5351.10 Maintaining Physical Control Over Cash

POL-U5351.11 Transporting Cash

POL-U5351.12 Authorizing and Maintaining Petty Cash and Change Funds

POL-U5351.13 Accepting, Processing and Securing Bankcard Information

POL-U5351.14 Accepting, Processing and Securing Payments Through the Internet



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