Welcome to Business & Financial Systems

The Business & Financial Systems Department falls under the Assistant Vice President’s Office for the Business & Financial Affairs Division at Western. Prior to its formation in December of 2009, the functional support for the University’s various business & financial systems was scattered around different departments with minimal collaboration. The focus of that support system was more on day-to-day analysis of needed reports and fixes without a unified vision or direction.

Since 2009, the team has grown from that singular focus to an analytical and project-driven approach, working side by side with our business owners to deliver best in class business processes. The department focuses in three key areas and integrated with each other in a seamless manner.

  • Process analysis and project management, which involves working with our business owners across campus in performing business process analysis and utilizing existing or new technologies to eliminate redundancies, streamline and automate business processes, and to deliver the most effective and efficient results.
  • Functional systems support, including end-users training, trouble shooting, bug fixing and roll out of custom applications and reports. The team currently is supporting Banner Finance, Banner Student & General Accounts Receivable, Millennium FAST Finance data warehouse, CASHNet eMarket and Payment Portal, Microsoft Office suite applications, as wells as FedEx and UPS mail applications.
  • Equipment & network support, where we work with ATUS and ensure that all hardware - PCs, printers, projectors and other small equipment - within the AVP departments are in good shape and in compliance wherever required. This area also works closely with the project management team and provides equipment set up for them for meetings, testing and training purposes.

These three key areas within Business & Financial Systems work closely together and leverage each other’s strength and expertise to provide our business owners and end-users with the best customer service and support. The team continues to follow the vision and direction of the BFA and AVP offices to improve our business processes with new technologies.

Page Updated 04.17.2014