Emergency Building Evacuation Procedures


Administrative Services Building Emergency Plan


When to evacuate:

  • When you detect fire, smoke or other unusual phenomena
  • Alarm is sounded
  • You are instructed to by emergency officials

How to evacuate:

  • Remain calm
  • Walk, do not run, to an exit
  • Office Monitors must check their work areas
  • Floor Monitors must check their assigned areas to ensure everyone has left the building
  • Use stairwells - DO NOT USE ELEVATORS
  • Close (DO NOT LOCK) all room and office doors
  • Proceed to street level or to a Designated Emergency Assistance Location (D.E.A.L)
  • Move clear of the building to Building Assembly Point. The Administrative Services assembly point is the NW parking lot/lawn area (grass area between shopping center and 32nd Street).



Department Emergency Coordinators (July 2013)

Building Coordinator
Wanna VanCuren
Floor Wardens
Name Area Alternate
Susan Banton 1st Floor/Purchasing Barbara Lewis
Sharon Colman 1st Floor/FSS Nancy Larson
Mike Ulrich 1st Floor/Accounting  
Danny Chan 2nd Floor/ADMCS Billie Watts
Linc Nesheim 2nd Floor/Telecom/Tech Services Valerie Klein
  Steve Treloar
Dolora Ferguson
Janice Kijak 2nd Floor/ADMCS Steve Weinberg















Floor Warden Duties:

  • Help any persons needing assistance to the Building Assembly Point
  • Evacuate and proceed to the predetermined meeting place for your office
  • Check for the presence of all those who were with you in your work office
  • If someone is missing, report it to your Building Coordinator at the predetermined meeting place or alternate location for your building
  • Do not return to the building until the "ALL CLEAR" announcement has been given through the Building Coordinator or his/her designee by University Police
  • Once the evacuation order is received, you must go through your assigned area to ensure that everyone evacuates. If your area is unsafe, do your best to determine if anyone is still there, without endangering yourself
  • If people are reluctant to leave, tell them they must leave because it is mandatory to do so. If they still refuse to leave, evacuate the area, and report their refusal to evacuate to the Building Coordinator
  • Proceed to predetermined meeting place:
    • to report to the Building Coordinator any observations from your assigned area
  • Remain available, as the investigating officers may need further information

Building Coordinator Duties:

  • When alarm sounds or evacuation order is received, contact Floor Wardens to initiate the evacuation process
  • Go to the predetermined meeting place and wait for the Floor Wardens to arrive
  • Contact University Police to report. Advise them of any problems there may be in the building. Be specific! (e.g. "...disabled person on third floor in the designated emergency assistance location...", or "...fire spotted on second floor hallway outside of room 203...")
  • Complete a Building Evacuation Report
  • Remain available, as the investigating officers may need further information




Evacu Trac

Garaventa Evacu Trac (Emergency Evacuation Device, Chair) - 2:06 minutes

Garaventa Evacu Trac Training Video - 13:58 minutes


FEMA CERT Training Materials

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