Banner Finance Support

What is Banner Finance?

Banner Finance is part of Western's Banner ERP system. The Finance module maintains the university’s chart of accounts, posts financial transactions, and provides financial reporting. It is the “system of record” for financial data for both Western Washington University and the Western Foundation. Banner Finance is used to create the following types of transactions:

  • Procurement: Requisitions, purchase orders, change orders
  • Accounts Payable: Invoices, checks, direct deposits
  • Stores Inventory: Issues, returns
  • Accounting: Accounting journal vouchers, general encumbrances
  • Budget: Budget journal vouchers, Web4U Budget development transfers

In addition to creating transactions, Finance processes data feeds from other Banner modules (HR, AR, Alumni), and from other systems (FAMIS, COMIT, SEQUOIA). Rollup data from the Student and Financial Aid side also feed into Finance through the AR module. This data can be accessed through the numerous reports and query screens in Banner Finance that reflect budget, operating, balance sheet, and encumbrance activity. Reporting in Finance is available at both a summary and detail level, and additional reporting is available through Web4U Finance and the Millennium FAST Finance data warehouse.

You can access Banner Finance forms and reports through Banner Internet Native (Banner INB), which is launched through a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Links for launching Banner INB as well as other useful information can be found on the Banner Forms & Reports page.

How do I get access to Banner Finance?

To request access, use the Banner Finance/Millennium Data Warehouse Access Request esign form. Use the Access Needed section to indicate the type of access requested, such as:

  1. If you need to run Finance reports/queries, type “Querying and reporting” under Access Needed. You will be granted access to reports and queries in Banner Finance, Web4U Finance, and the Millennium FAST Finance data warehouse.
  2. If you need to key JVs for your department, type “Key journal vouchers” under Access Needed.
  3. If you need to approve JVs for your department, under Access Needed, type “Approve journal vouchers for…” and then list the Organization codes for which you will act as approver. To be an approver, you must first be either the financial manager or a budget authority for that Orgn code. Contact Accounting Services for information on how to become a budget authority.
  4. If you need to upload large JV batches using the Accounting Services Excel template, type “JV uploads” under Access Needed.

The above categories cover 95% of Finance access requests. However, if you need some other access, please specify those needs in the form. Also note that the esign form must first be routed through your supervisor for approval, then to

Where can I find Banner Finance training material?

You can find Banner Finance documentation and user guides on our Training Materials page.

Page Updated 03.18.2013