Electronic Verification Certification (EVC) Support

What is EVC?

The Federal Electronic Verification Certification System (EVC) is used by students to consolidate their federal student loans. Certain staff at Western, like the Student Business Office Collector and Perkins Loan management staff, also use the EVC website. These staff people can contact the Student Business Office manager for training on how to use EVC to fulfill their job duties.

Additional information about EVC services can be found on the U.S. Department of Education's Direct Loan Consolidation website.

How do I get access to the EVC system?

If you work in the Student Business Office and need access to the EVC system, talk with your supervisor to get those permissions set up. You supervisor will then contact Financial Systems to complete the process of getting you access.

Once your access has been configured, you can log into the system from the EVC website.

Page Updated 03.18.2013