Millennium FAST Support

What is Millennium?

The Millennium FAST software provides a centralized reporting resourse for obtaining both Banner Finance and Banner HR data. Millennium uses the raw data in tables of these two system to construct views and reports and present them in a more user friendly interface. It also provides more drilldown capability than is currently available in Banner.

Millennium is web based, and can be opened through your web browser by going to this address and logging in with your universal username and password.

How do I get access to Millennium?

Access to Millennium has two potential componets depending on whether you need to view Banner Finance data and/or Banner HR data. Access to Banner Finance reporting in Millennium is granted automatically when Banner Finance access is requested. Likewise, access to Banner HR reporting is granted automatically when Banner HR access is requested. However, if you would like access to HR data without getting Banner HR access, you can contact Vic Kiel in Human Resources.

Where can I find Millennium training material?

You can find Millennium documentation and user guides on the Data Resources site or our Training Materials page.

Page Updated 10.16.2014