General Education

Western's General Education Program: the GURs

Western believes that higher education enables people to lead full and interesting lives, to perceive and to understand the world around and within themselves, and to
participate intelligently, sensitively, and deliberately in shaping the world. Our general education program includes knowledge of human cultures and the natural world, intellectual and practical skills, personal and social responsibility, and integrative and applied learning.

Approved by CUE on 5/5/11

GUR academic competencies and perspectives:

  1. Analyze and communicate ideas effectively in oral, written, and visual forms
  2. Analyze and interpret information from varied sources, including print and visual media
  3. Use quantitative and scientific reasoning to frame and solve problems
  4. Identify and analyze complex problems
  5. Apply tools of technology, with an understanding of their uses and limitations
  6. Explore, imagine and create
  7. Recognize the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of participating in, and contributing as a citizen in, a diverse society
  8. Understand and evaluate assumptions, values, and beliefs in context of diverse local, national and global communities
  9. Work collaboratively and manage projects to effective completion
  10. Reflect on one’s own work and on the ethical dimensions of academic pursuits
  11. Understand and assess the impacts of interactions among the individual, society, and the environment


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