Gallery of Practices

This gallery represents an ongoing effort to compile some promising practices for: 1) teaching our general education learning outcomes (competencies) and 2) communicating the purpose and value of the General University Requirements (GURs) to students. These resources are offered by faculty who are teaching our GURs.

Examples from LIB 201, Elizabeth Stephens:

Examples from Psychology (non-GUR classes), Todd Haskell:

  • GUR PowerPoint Presentation Presented during first class.
  • Course Goals Excerpt from a “goals and assessment plan”. I create one of these for each of my classes as a supplement to a regular syllabus. This one explicitly references the GUR competencies and the LEAP essential learning outcomes. It’s intended to communicate how this particular course fits into the larger college curriculum.
  • Goals Assignment Assignment about goal setting. Doesn’t mention the GUR competencies in particular, but encourages thinking in those terms, i.e., students routinely end up talking about things like communication skills, organizational skills, problem solving skills, creativity, etc.


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