Master of Arts

•  Anthropology, Thesis, MA

•  Audiology-Aural Rehabilitation, Non-Thesis, MA (In Moratorium)

•  Audiology-Aural Rehabilitation, Thesis, MA (In Moratorium)

•  English, Non-Thesis, MA

•  English, Thesis, MA

•  Environmental Studies, MA

•  History, Archives and Records Management, Non-Thesis, MA

•  History, Archives and Records Management, Thesis, MA

•  History, Non-Thesis, MA

•  History, Thesis, MA

•  Political Science, Environmental Studies, Thesis, MA (In Moratorium)

•  Political Science, Thesis, MA (In Moratorium)

•  Rehabilitation Counseling, Non-Thesis, MA

•  Speech-Language Pathology, Non-Thesis, MA

•  Speech-Language Pathology, Thesis, MA

•  Student/Faculty Designed, MA

Master of Business Administration

•  Business Administration, Accelerated, MBA

•  Business Administration, Evening Part-Time, MBA

•  Business Administration, Managers and Professionals, MBA

•  Business Administration, Regular Full-Time, MBA

Master of Education

•  Adult and Higher Education, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Continuing and College Education, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Continuing and College Education, Thesis, MEd

•  Educational Administration, Instructional Technology, MEd (In Moratorium)

•  Educational Administration, Thesis, MEd

•  Educational Administration, With Comprehensive Assessment, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Educational Administration, With Field Study and Comprehensive Assessment, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Environmental Education, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Environmental Education, Residency, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Environmental Education, Thesis, MEd

•  Literacy, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  Literacy, Thesis, MEd

•  Master in Education, MEd

•  Natural Science/Science Education, Non-Thesis, MEd (In Moratorium)

•  Natural Science/Science Education, Thesis, MEd (In Moratorium)

•  School Counselor, Non-Thesis, MEd

•  School Counselor, Thesis, MEd

•  Special Education, Non-Thesis, MEd (Endorsement Optional) (In Moratorium)

•  Special Education, Thesis, MEd (Endorsement Optional) (In Moratorium)

•  Student/Faculty Designed, MEd

Master of Fine Arts

•  Creative Writing, MFA

Master of Music

•  Music, Thesis, MMus

Master of Professional Accounting

•  Professional Accounting, Non-Thesis, MPAcc

Master of Science

•  Biology, Marine and Estuarine Science, Thesis, MS

•  Biology, Thesis, MS

•  Chemistry, Industry Internship, Non-Thesis, MS

•  Chemistry, Thesis, MS

•  Computer Science, Non-Thesis, MS

•  Environmental Science, Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, Thesis, MS

•  Environmental Science, Freshwater Ecology, Thesis, MS

•  Environmental Science, Marine and Estuarine Science (MES), Thesis, MS

•  Environmental Science, Regional, Global and Terrestrial Ecosystems, Thesis, MS

•  Geography Thesis, MS

•  Geology, Thesis, MS

•  Kinesiology, Exercise Science Option, Thesis, MS

•  Kinesiology, Sport Psychology Option, Thesis, MS

•  Mathematics, Non-Thesis, MS

•  Mathematics, Thesis, MS

•  Mental Health Counseling, Non-Thesis, MS

•  Mental Health Counseling, Thesis, MS

•  Psychology - Experimental, Thesis, MS

•  Student/Faculty Designed, MS

Master in Teaching

•  Master in Teaching, Non-Thesis, MIT

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