Teaching Assistant Compensation

Total Compensation (Stipend+Waiver+Insurance) for 2014-15 Academic Year

TA Compensation

Quarterly Stipend

Full Time (20 hrs/wk) Half Time (10 hrs/wk)
Standard Rate $3,960 $1,980
Biology $4,039 $2,019
Chemistry $4,532 $2,266
Mathematics $3,991 $1,995

Tuition Waiver

General TA Waiver Info 2015-16

MBA TA Waiver Info 2015-2016

TA Employment Dates

Fall Quarter September 16 - December 15
Winter Quarter December 16 - March 15
Spring Quarter March 16 - June 15

Billing Statements & Tuition Waivers

Tuition is charged at the standard graduate rate. The billing statement will itemize the amount of tuition and fees charged and the amount waived. The Amount Due represents your portion of tuition and fees, based on your registration as of the date indicated, plus any personal charges you may have incurred. Statements are not mailed to students. Check your account status on Web4U.

Registration Changes

Your tuition and fee waiver applies to your account based on your current registration. A change in the number of credits you are registered for may affect your tuition, waiver and balance due. Schedule changes within the 10-18 credit range will not affect tuition charges, but may create changes in applicable fees. If you make a schedule change, do not forget to check your student account online for any concomitant charges.

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