What is the Phase III Internship?

The internship gives students a practical, in-depth experience in the professional field they plan to enter. During Phase III, students enroll in Rec 473 (Internship III) for 15 hours of credit during spring quarter or Rec 472 (Internship II) for 12 credits summer quarter. Students planning to do a summer internship must also register for Rec 471 (Internship I) either the quarter before or the quarter after the internship. This gives students the full 15 credits for their internship. Rec 471 provides the additional three credits only; there is no work to be done for this class as all the work is done during the summer quarter internship. Students should see their advisors for further information.

Once students select an internship site and complete the Internship Agreement, they report to the agency and work under agency supervision for an agreed period of time, usually 400 hours over the 10-week university quarter (14 weeks for Therapeutic Recreation internships). Supervision of the intern's experience is coordinated jointly by the participating agency and the university faculty advisor.


Documents to be Used While Preparing for Internship

Student Internship Information and Checklist (for student)

Agency Internship Information and Planning Form (for internship agency)

Internship Agreement Form (to be signed by student, agency and faculty advisor)


Reports & Evaluation Forms to be Completed During the Internship

Weekly Internship Report (for student)

Mid-term Supervisor Evaluation (for agency)

Final Supervisor Evaluation (for agency)

Fieldwork Hours

As a requirement of the program, 240 fieldwork hours must be completed prior to beginning your internship. For more information about these hours, click here.

Need Help With Your Resume & Cover Letter?

Normally you will be asked to submit a cover letter and resume when you apply for your internship. The Career Services Center has provided a guide for writing your cover letter and resume that you can access by clicking here.

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