Archives and Records Management Graduate Program

Washington State Archives

Since 1972, the Graduate Program in Archives and Records Management has prepared students for professional careers in both archives and records management. The curriculum emphasizes the interdependence of these two disciplines, both of which are essential to the challenges of documenting and preserving essential evidence of modern organizations and individuals.

Grounded in the study of History, the program recognizes the value of historical knowledge and understanding as a basis for identifying and preserving records of enduring value to society. The curriculum integrates automation and electronic records issues with traditional methods for textual records. Students examine basic principles of archives and records management; learn methods of selecting, organizing, and using recorded information; and gain practical work experience in applying these techniques through a required internship.

Students engage in original research and writing, either through a year-long seminar to prepare a publishable article on a topic in archives/records management, or through a master's thesis on a topic in history. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for a career, not just their first job, and to enable them to learn to think and function as professional archivists and/or records managers.

Page Updated 11.01.2013