Course Descriptions

505 Contemporary Historical Methods (4 credits)

A survey of current historical practice, including quantitative methods, deconstruction, economic history, comparative history, and intellectual and cultural history. Readings in current practice and papers are expected of students.

525 History and Principles of Archives Administration and Records Management (4)

An overview of the characteristics and uses of records and archival materials, and of the historical development, essential principles, and major functions of the archives and records management professions.

526 Selection and Appraisal (4)

Prereq: HIST 525. Examination of theory and methodology of archival collecting policies, selection, acquisitions, and appraisal of archival records.

528 Reference, Access and Outreach (4)

Prereq: HIST 525. Examination of theory and methodology of archival access policies, reference services, outreach, and public advocacy.

530 Arrangement and Description of Archives (4)

Prereq: Hist 525. Detailed examination of archival arrangement and description systems, including both manual and automated applications, the USMARC cataloging format, and Encoded Archival Description and other access systems.

532 Records and Information Management (4)

Prereq: Hist 525. Detailed examination of principles, methodology and current issues in managing records in office information systems, including requirements for managing electronic records and for developing and applying automated techniques.

534 Preservation of Archival Materials (4)

Prereq: Hist 525. Examination of issues in managing a preservation, conservation and disaster preparedness program for archives; and lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises in the conservation and repair of archival media.

536 Internship in Archives and Records Management (8)

Prereq: Hist 530 or 532. Professional internship in a cooperating agency or organization. S/U grading.

538 Advanced Seminar in Archives and Records Management (4)

Prereq: Hist 536 or permission of instructor. Readings in selected aspects of archives administration and the management of current records and information systems.

539 Research and Writing Seminar: Archives and Records Management (2-6)

Original research on a topic in Archives and Records Management, including use of primary sources and/or original survey research; interpretation and analysis; and writing an original essay suitable for publication, either for a print journal or online journal/web publication forum. Year-long course, 4 credits for each of 3 academic terms. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 credits including original course.

690 Research and Writing Seminar: Thesis (12)

Original research, including use of primary source materials and bibliographic aids, interpretation and/or textual criticism, and writing an original research thesis. May require a knowledge of auxiliary sciences, a foreign language, or the use of statistics or computer programming, depending on the topic of the research. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 credits. [Note: For ARM students Thesis option is only available for a historical topic, not a topic in archives or records management.]



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