Graduate Program in Archives and Records Management

Since 1972, the Department of History of Western Washington University has offered a graduate studies program in archives and records management, preparing students for rewarding professional careers applying historical understanding to the challenges of the modern information era. This two-year program leads to the degree of Master of Arts in History with a concentration in Archives and Records Management.

The department also offers a post-graduate certificate program in ARM, which can be completed in one year.

This interdisciplinary program prepares our graduates to: 1) enter a professional career as an archivist or records manager; 2) apply analytical skills to problem-solving and to evaluation of a broad range of recordkeeping needs within organizations; 3) enter doctoral programs or pursue other advanced academic training; and 4) assume positions as researchers, writers, teachers, or curators in a variety of public and private settings.

Students may elect to emphasize either archives administration or records management, or to pursue a program equally balanced between the two specializations. Elective courses and internships are selected to support these options. Grounded in the study of History, the program emphasizes the value of historical knowledge and understanding to meeting the information and documentation needs of modern organizations. Students learn basic principles of archives and records management, methods of selecting, organizing, and using recorded information, and gain practical experience in applying these techniques on the job.

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