Program Requirements (56 credits)

The ARM requires 56 credits and foreign language competence. Two years minimum are required to complete the program although some students may take longer.

Additional Information

Language Requirement
The foreign language requirement may be met in one of two ways: by passing an exam approved or administrated by the department; or by earning a B grade or higher in the last course of a second-year language program. Courses graded on a pass/no pass basis would not qualify for satisfying the language requirement. Tests and course work taken before entry into the graduate program may be counted if completed within five years of acceptance into the graduate program. ARM master’s students may demonstrate computer programming competence, in lieu of a foreign language, by completing a three course sequence (e.g. CSCI 102, CSCI 202, MIS 314) with final course grade of B or better, or as approved by the history faculty.

Students complete a 350-hour internship (HIST 536) at a cooperating archives or records management agency. This provides supervised practical experience in professional work. Internships have been available in recent years in governmental, academic, business, and historical organizations in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the U.S. and Canada. Selection of internships is based on individual needs and interests, in consultation with the program advisor.

Electives, including courses in history, archives, records management, or another discipline related to the student’s goals and interests, should be chosen in consultation with the program advisor.

Thesis/Non-thesis option
For the Non-thesis option a 12-credit Research Seminar (HIST 539) is required. Topics may relate to any aspect of archives, records management, or information studies. The Research Seminar provides a structured framework for original research, writing, and revisions, typically covering three academic terms during the second year of graduate study. The result will be an original research article suitable for submission for publication, either in print or online.
A thesis option is available for students wishing to examine a topic in any field of history (but not topics in archives or records management, for which the Non-thesis option must be chosen).

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