Special Open Enrollment - Loss of Eligibility

When subscriber loses an eligible dependent or dependent loses eligibility due to:

  • Child dependent turns 26
  • Child dependent ceases to be eligible as an extended dependent.
  • Child dependent ceases to be eligible as a dependent with disabilities.

If you are the subscriber and are currently enrolled with medical and dental coverage



  • Remove your ineligible dependent from your PEBB health insurance plans. Failure to do so may have the following consequences:
    • Dependent's loss of eligibility to continue enrollment under one of the continuation options (i.e. COBRA)
    • You may be billed for claims paid by the health plan for services after the dependent lost eligibility
    • You will be responsible for all premiums (employee/employer) for the dependent's health plan enrollment after the dependent lost eligibility.


  • Change your medical and/or dental plan coverage.

Required Actions

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Coverage Begins

  • Coverage or Plan Change: Begins the first day of the month following the dependent's loss of eligibility from the plan.
  • Ineligible Dependent(s): Enrollment ends the last day of the month in which they are no longer eligible to be on the plan.

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Important Reminders

Evaluate your life insurance coverage and retirement plan to make sure the beneficiary designees are current. See Beneficiary Designations.

You may enroll, change, or cancel your participation in these optional tax-savings programs:

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