Nursing Mothers Program

Nursing Mothers

Western strongly supports employees and students who are nursing mothers, and understands the need for a private, secure and clean space to express milk or nurse.


Private rooms are available in Old Main for students and employees to breastfeed or express milk. Additionally, employees may breastfeed or express milk in their own private office or in other private locations agreed upon in consultation with the employee's supervisor and the Disability Administrator in Human Resources.

The following locations are available to both employees and students:

Old Main 401

  • Refrigeration provided; sink available nearby in a single occupant restroom
  • Computer with internet access
  • Phone

For alternative temporary locations, contact Space Administration at 360.650.3222 to inquire about other options.

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Procedure to Reserve Space

Old Main 401


  • View the calendar titled "Nursing Mothers Room OM401" on Outlook.
  • Schedule an appointment invite to with the desired dates and times.


  • Call 360.650.2233 or go to OM 405 to have a time reserved on the calendar.

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Guidelines for Use of Rooms

  • Follow the procedure above for reserving space if applicable.
  • Review and comply with the Children on Campus policy (POL-U5950.11) if you will be nursing your child on campus.
  • Plan for storage/cooling if not using the fridge provided in room OM 401.
  • Review the Break Time for Nursing Guidelines (for staff only).
  • Lock the door when in use to ensure privacy.
  • Do not exceed your time that is reserved.
  • Clean up after each use out of respect for the next user.

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Check with your medical insurance carrier about reimbursement for the cost of a breast pump.

Washington State Laws Protect a Women's Right to Breastfeed in Places of Public Accommodation

Guide to Breastfeeding and Washington State Non-Discrimination Laws

For employees:

  • Human Resources: Julie Moon, Disability Administrator 360.650.3771
  • U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet "Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA"

For students:

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