Transfer Procedures

Our classified bargaining unit contracts provide for priority consideration of transfer applicants for position vacancies.  Refer to the bargaining unit contracts for more information, available on the Labor Relations section of this site.
To be eligible, applicants must:

♦  complete the probationary period in their current position; and

♦  follow the steps below.

Step 1:

The employee must complete and submit a Transfer application to Human Resources (HR) within 24 hours of HR's receipt of a Request to Recruit Form from the hiring department.

Step 2:

Human Resources will contact eligible transfer applicants and provide them with a job description when a position becomes available and meets their requested criteria as marked on their application.  Applicants are responsible for updating the criteria on the application as needed.

Step 3:

If the transfer applicant is interested in being considered for the open position, the applicant must then submit their application via EASE indicating how he/she meets the qualifications within the time frame given by Human Resources.  The applicants may also submit letters of reference and any supporting documentation such as certifications. 

For questions about the transfer process, please contact the Employment Unit at 360-650-3306.

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