Volunteer Registration Program

Departments who desire to take on a volunteer to provide a service on behalf of the university are encouraged to register the volunteer with Human Resources to ensure they have limited worker's compensation and liability coverage. To qualify, volunteers must meet the definition as described by law (RCW 51.12.035)


Criminal Background Checks for Volunteers

    Volunteers who will be performing security sensitive duties are required to have a criminal conviction verification conducted (see assessment form). Department heads may also request a background check for other volunteer positions at their discretion.

Limited Worker's Compensation Coverage for Volunteers

    Only volunteers registered with the Volunteer Program are covered by the state Industrial Insurance Code which provides limited medical aid benefits in the event the volunteer suffers injury or death while performing volunteer services for the University. Should a volunteer sustain injury while performing services for the University, the required procedure for reporting the injury and processing of a state Industrial Insurance claim is the same as for employees.

Liability Coverage for Volunteers

    Registered volunteers are protected under Washington State's Self-Insurance Liability Program for defense and settlement of tort liability claims arising from their negligent actions while acting within the scope of their authorized volunteer duties.


    When permitted by their supervisor, registered volunteers may drive a University vehicle after completing WWU's Basic Driver Safety Program and Large Passenger Van Training (if applicable). Supervisors must review and complete the state requirements for driver safety.

Volunteer Parking Permit

    Volunteers may be eligible for a parking permit. More information and an application can be obtained through the Department of Public Safety Volunteer Parking Website.


WWU Students as Volunteers


For questions about the volunteer program call Human Resources at 360-650-3774.

For questions about medical and liability coverage, call Environmental Health & Safety at 360-650-3064.

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