Professional Development Overview

Human Resources Development Drivers

In addition to standard support functions (salaries, benefits, labor relations, HR info system), the HR Department has three main sources for development drivers:

  • Onboarding Program;
  • Organizational Development projects and activities;
  • Professional Development programs.

Each of these programs has a role in developing WWU organizational and professional capacities.

Figure 1: HR Development Drivers

HR Development Drivers
The Onboarding program is the first phase on the path towards new hires’ functional and cultural integration into the WWU work environment. During the onboarding phase, employees are learning about professional development needs and opportunities.

Organizational Development needs and interventions are influencing employees’ professional and personal growth, aligned with the processes, systems, culture changes and developments.

Professional Development is focused on building a committed and effective workforce and strengthening the skills of supervisors and managers.

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Professional Development Concept

Professional Development (PD) is a practice to help individuals and organizations build the capacity and capabilities to change and achieve greater effectiveness, aligned with their personal and organizational goals.

The majority of personal development opportunities and activities are based on various training programs. Those programs are customized to fit:

  • the business context needs, related to the employee’s job and organization unit;
  • the situational context needs related to organizational development issues;
  • the cultural context, as an ultimate level of functional and cultural integration and personal and professional growth in the WWU environment.


Figure 2: Professional Development Concept, and Various Context and Needs

PD Concept

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Professional Development Content Structure

Various training content areas are developed and customized based on the WWU specific needs:

  • Onboarding needs;
  • Organizational needs
  • Technological needs
  • Resulting personal needs for professional development and personal growth. 


Figure 2: Professional  Development Content Structure

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Professional Development (PD) Framework

Mandatory Training programs for all new hires are covering compliance with WWU policies and procedures, and HR functions. All supervisors are required to attend the training program STAR (Supervisor Training and Resources). The Employee Development program is focused on personal development and occupational wellbeing (with an extended wellness program).

Figure 3: Professional Development Framework

PD Framework

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