Western's Onbarding Program Overview

Western Washington University strives to provide an inclusive and supportive community by welcoming its new faculty, staff and leadership through a comprehensive and collaborative Onboarding Program.  Western’s Onboarding Program is delivered to permanent faculty, classified staff, professional staff and executive officers.  Onboarding Programs are critical to employee engagement and retention.  Engaging our new employees and new supervisors early gives them the confidence needed to be successful.  Research has shown the quicker an employee feels connected and prepared for their position the quicker they will become productive, contributing members to the mission and goals of the University.


Western’s Onboarding Program

Increases new employee productivity by providing effective tools and information

Empowers Supervisors to successfully welcome and orient new hires, while increasing their
leadership skills through STAR training and employee development offerings

Engages new employees early by connecting them with Western and the Western Way

Transitions and supports our current employees when promoted into a leadership role

Creates a foundation for employees continued success at Western


All new employees are asked to do the following:

  1. On first day of employment, watch Western’s 90 minute New Employee Information Videos
  2. Attend the next available 3 hour live-NEO class (HR will continue to schedule and notify the new employee and their supervisor)
  3. Call HR to Schedule an individualized benefits consultation
  4. Attend at least one New Employee Networking Event with their supervisor (HR will send out invitations)
  5. Attend ongoing New Employee campus services and facilities tours (HR will send out invitations)


We hope to increase employee engagement, highlight Western’s values, optimize information absorption, and help our new employees feel welcomed and appreciated. 


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Page Updated 08.10.2015