Payroll Approvers

How to Become a Payroll Approver

Requesting Payroll Approver Permissions


Payroll Approver Responsibilities

Payroll Approver Responsibilities

Guide for Maintaining Payroll Documentation


How to Change Payroll Approvers

To make a change to who is set up as the Default Approver for an org code and/or the Override Approver for an employee, complete a Request to Change Payroll Approver Esign form.

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How to Become a Superuser

In order to become a Superuser, you must already be set up to be a Payroll Approver (see instructions above). If you are set up to be a Payroll Approver, the employee’s supervisor must email megan.summers@wwu.eduand request that their employee become a Superuser.

Superuser Instructions

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Payroll Approver Deadlines

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How to Approve Timesheets

Web Time Approval User Guide on Web4U

Web4U Timesheet Instructions

Approver’s Web4U login

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Leave Entry in Advance of a Pay Period - Payroll Approver

Approving a Timesheet in PHATIME

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How to Request a Change to a Timesheet

If you’ve already approved an employee’s timesheet but a change needs to be made to it, please complete a Timesheet Adjustment Request form and follow the instructions.

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Setting Up & Removing a Proxy

Proxy Set-Up & Removal Instructions

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Common Timesheet Errors

Error messages & Troubleshooting Tips

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Timesheet Status

Time Entry Matrix

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Cyclic and Alternate Workweek Employees

Guidance for Cyclic & Alternate Workweek Employees

Holiday Pay and Alternate Workweek Examples

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Helpful Reports & Tools

Banner Reports and Forms

Overtime Pay Multiple Positions Calculator

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To request Payroll Approver Training, email

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