Employee Performance Evaluation Program For Professional Staff

Western has established an electronic on-line system for conducting employee performance evaluations for Professional Staff.  The on-line system is referred to as the Employee Performance Appraisal System or EPAS.  

This system encourages an interactive process between the supervisor and employee and allows the opportunity to gain feedback from others in order to gain a broad perspective on accomplishments, progress and areas for growth.


As outlined in the Professional Staff Handbook, performance evaluations should be completed at the midpoint of the probationary period (i.e. at 6 months), and annually thereafter.  Once the employee completes the performance evaluation process using EPAS for the first time, the system will automatically notify the employee and supervisor when the next annual review is due.  

Human Resources will be working with divisions to establish this first time process.  When notified, supervisors will be asked to access the Employee Performance Evaluation - Supervisor's Guideprovided below and follow the Evaluation Process/Checklist on page 20 to initiate an evaluation.

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Contact Human Resources at 650.3774

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