Measles Policy

Requiring Proof of Rubeola Measles Immunity

Effective Date: Revised July 15, 2010

Western is committed to reducing the risk of exposure among students and employees and to maintaining the health and wellness of our campus community. Therefore, in the event of an official outbreak, employees hired before July 15, 2010, will not be allowed to report to work or participate in campus activities if they have provided insufficient documentation of immunity or have an approved waiver request. All students with an approved waiver will be unable to remain on campus or participate in classes or campus activities. These restrictions will remain in place until these employees and students are released by Western's medical director or the ban officially has been lifted.

The revised policy now requires that all permanent faculty and staff whose first day of employment begins July 15, 2010, or later will be terminated 60 days from their employment start data if they have not obtained an approved waiver request or provided sufficient documentation verifying immunity.

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