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Performance Evaluation

If you are in the test group for the electronic Employee Performance Appraisal System, please click to be directed to the EPAS webpage 

There shall be an annual performance evaluation of each exempt professional employee, based upon mutually agreed written criteria consistent with the position description.  The procedure may include a self-evaluation and will include a personal and written review, as well as a summary of performance for the year based on these criteria.  The employee being evaluated shall sign the evaluation, indicating s/he has read the document.  A signature does not signify agreement or disagreement with the contents of the evaluation.  Individual divisions have flexibility in designing an annual performance evaluation that best meets the needs of his/her employees.  The evaluation should include:

  • An opportunity for the employee being evaluated to comment on his/her achievements and organizational contributions

  • Identification of any areas of outstanding performance

  • Identification of any areas needing improvement

  • Identification of objectives for the employee’s next performance period

  • Opportunity for response by the employees

The date of the evaluation and comments by the employee being evaluated should be documented and maintained in a format suitable for review by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.  Original evaluations shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file in the Human Resources Department with copies available in the Dean or Vice President’s office.

Please contact the Human Resources office at x7763 for additional guidance.




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