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Procedures for Position Reviews and Title Changes For Professional Staff


A professional staff position may be reviewed in one of three ways:

1.  In-Grade Salary Adjustment - Review for an increase in salary within the current grade

2.  Title Review - Review for a title change without change in pay or salary grade, or,

3.  Position Review - A comprehensive review for appropriate position title, salary grade
assignment and salary range

A Position Review must be made before any request for a change in salary based upon a change in duties is submitted.

The review process may be initiated by any of the following individuals:

  • Employee,

  • Supervisor,

  • Director/Dean, or

  • President, Provost or a vice president

In its review, Human Resources will:

  • Ensure compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act in regards to appropriately identifying essential and marginal functions

  • Determine whether or not the duties and responsibilities assigned to a position meet the criteria for exemption from the civil service rules (RCW 41.06.707),

  • Determine if the position is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (positions that are exempt from FLSA are not eligible for overtime),

  • Conduct a point factor analysis,

  • Review title assignment, and

  • Provide a salary range recommendation based upon the point factor analysis, internal equity comparisons and external job market data.


Salary and/or title changes should be submitted to Human Resources as soon as administratively feasible.  In most instances, the effective date of title changes and in-grade salary adjustments arenot retroactive.

Documentation will be required to retro activate the effective date of a salary increase resulting from increased responsibility or duties.  Documentation would include a written agreement between the department director, vice president, Provost, or President and the affected employee indicating the date(s) higher level duties were assumed.


The process you will use depends on the type of review you are requesting.  The forms that must be completed are specified for each process.

In-Grade Salary Adjustment:  When the current salary grade is still appropriate, but a salary increase is desired for reasons such as:

  • Meritorious performance with increased level of functioning,

  • Market-related pressures (external equity),

  • Employment offer or active recruitment from outside the university, or

  • Misalignment of salary relationships (internal equity)

The following steps are required:

  • Supervisor - consult with the department/division head and determine the desired salary adjustment and the reason(s) for it.

  • Supervisor - submit written request to Human Resources indicating salary amount and justification for adjustment.

  • Human Resources - reviews request and e-mails recommendation to the Supervisor

  • Supervisor - notify affected employee and submit Personnel Action Form.

Title Change Only:  To change the position title only, while the salary and grade remain the same, the following steps are required:

  • Supervisor  - consult with the department/division head and determine the desired position title and reason(s) for it.  Proposed titles must meet the Guidelines for Professional Staff Titles.

  • Supervisor - submit written request to Human Resources including current and new title and justification for change.

  • Human Resources - review request and e-mail recommendation to the Supervisor.  If the title change is approved, a Personnel Action Form is not required.  Human Resources will update the HRIS system to effect the change.  The effective date will be the date Human Resources received the change request.

  • Supervisor - notify the affected employee.

Comprehensive Position Review:  Requests for a comprehensive review of a position's title, salary grade assignment, and salary generally occur when:

The level of responsibility has changed significantly in:

  • Supervisory responsibility,

  • Financial and/or budgetary responsibility, and

  • Policy development.

And/or where there has been a significant change in:

  • Higher level of judgment required,

  • Higher level of knowledge or skills required, and

  • Complexity of duties and/or responsibilities.

The following steps are required:

  • Employee, Supervisor, Director/Dean, President, provost or vice president - complete the Position Review Form, route for approvals and forward it to Human Resources.

  • Human Resources - review form and e-mail recommendations to the Supervisor.

  • Supervisor - notify the affected employee and complete the Personnel Action Form to effect the approved changes and effective date.



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