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Guidelines for Professional Staff Titles

In order to provide consistency in the use of administrative titles these Guidelines are established by the Human Resources Department as a framework for the assignment of titles to Professional Staff positions. Titles which fall within these guidelines, and have been approved by the appropriate vice president, will be routinely accepted by Human Resources staff. Titles which fall outside these guidelines require the written approval of the Director of Human Resources.

There are four categories of administrative titles: Executive Officers, Directors, Administrative Managers, and Support Professionals.

Executive Officers

Provost, Vice President, Vice Provost, Assistant Vice President, Dean and Executive Director: are titles which denote primary responsibility for a major division of the university or a highly visible special function. These titles may only be authorized by the President and are not normally given to members of the Professional Staff.


Directors: are positions that have primary responsibility and accountability for management of a distinct and separate administrative unit of the university.

Administrative Managers

Associate Directors, Assistant Directors and Managers: are positions which have the primary responsibility for managing either the operational aspects of, or specific functions within, an administrative unit and which require the use of independent judgment and discretion.

Support Professionals

Specialists, Research Associates, Counselors, Coaches, Resident Directors, Trainers: are positions which have the primary responsibility of sustaining and supporting specific functions within an administrative unit.



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