Wellness Program Instructors

Nathanial Marshall

Tai Chi Instructor

I am a childhood cancer survivor who also has narcolepsy.  Over the years I have had 16 cancer related surgeries, including two allographs, which is a transplant of the shaft of the femur bone.  I have had one and a half of my quadriceps removed (the largest muscle group in the body) as well.  This has led to many other complications.  Throughout high school I continued to walk with a heavy limp, and the off and on use of a cane.  In my late teens and early 20's I really began to look for answers that would help me feel empowered, and get my body capable of backpacking into nature again. 

Enter Tai Chi.  Now I backpack every year, and nobody ever notices my limp without me pointing it out!  For me the practice of Tai Chi has been miraculous, and I recommend it to everyone who will listen.  It aligns the bones of my knee and thus reduces my pain levels, it aligns my back when I get sore (my weak leg is almost 2 inches shorter than the other), and it helps me settle down my mind and nervous system so that I can feel peaceful at the end of stressful days.

Nathan is NFPT Certified.

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          AHA 2012 Platinum Achievement 2014 Leaders In Health Care Award Western Sustainability Office Certification
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