Faculty & Staff Wellness Programs


Now offered in Carver 60

with New instructor Summer Cushman!


Summer’s classes are designed to bring stability, energy and balance into your body, mind and heart. Using the principles of Viniyoga we connect with the spine and strengthen the back. We practice dynamic, warming movement, but also hold poses long enough to build strength and learn about our body through the posture. Connecting breath and movement we focus on axial extension, forward bends, backward bends, lateral bends, twists and balancing postures. Weaving together asana, pranayama, meditation and readings from the tradition of yoga, these classes will leave you feeling centered and rejuvenated.

Location: Carver 60

Cost: $50

Time: MW from noon-1pm 

Class Date Information:

  • Begins Wednesday 4/2/14
  • Ends Wednesday 6/11/14

How to Sign Up: Click here!

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