Faculty & Staff Wellness Programs

Fitness Class

Noon-1:00  in CV GYM C

with Kaylee Nightingale



This class is an full body class based on functional movements.  The focus of this class will be improving static and functional balance, flexibility in all ranges of motion, overall body strengthening, while also getting bouts of cardio to improve endurance. This class will use med balls, dumbbells, bands, mats, and bodyweight exercises to get a full body workout.

Athletic shoes and comfortable clothes that you can sweat in are recommended. Everything in the class will be designed to work within the constraints of limited space and equipment.

Location: Carver Gym C and Outside when the weather is nice!

Cost: $50

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays & noon-1

Class Date Information:

 Noon-1:00 Class:

  • Summer classes run from Tuesday June 24th - Friday September 12th.
    • Classes run over a 12 week period, but are still priced off of a 10 week schedule.
    • Due to instructor vacation and space conflict, you can expect there will be a few cancellations within the Summer, but we will try to keep them as minimal as possible.
  • NO CLASSES on: Thurs 8/7, Tues 9/2, Thurs 9/4

 How to Sign Up: Click here!

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