Faculty & Staff Wellness Programs

Carver Gym Lower Weight Room Membership


Description: The lower weight room was established to support the Mature Adult Training Program, a weight training research/community service program for seniors. Operating since January 2005, The Mature Adult Training Program has continued with its original mission of both research and community service with the primary goal of maintaining strength for improvement and maintenance of function in adults.  WWU faculty and staff can purchase memberships. 

Location: Carver Gymnasium (Next to the information desk)

Cost: $40 per quarter, or $140 per year

Timeframe: Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm

Closed Weekends and Holidays

How to Sign Up: Go to the information desk in Carver Gym and talk to Karen Schreuder.  You can email her at Karen.Schreuder@wwu.edu, or call her at 360.650.3115.


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