Freshman Portfolio Sophomore Review

Sophomore Portfolio Review

The Sophomore Portfolio Review is held once a year in March and is a process of reviewing student work and identifying those that are the most ready to continue as ID majors. To qualify for this review a student must complete the courses listed below (see Curriculum).

The following courses must be completed with C- or better grade at the end of the Winter Quarter of the review:

  • ID 110, 120, 210, 220, 310
  • One art history course
  • Math 114, 115 or 118
  • Phys 114
  • Engr 104

The Sophomore Review consists of a 15 minute presentation of a portfolio and an interview. Students are expected to show examples of projects and leave a small printed sample portfolio behind. The contents of which are listed below.

Portfolio requirements for WWU 's ID program:

  1. Cover page with name, home address, GPA, and photo on the lower right hand side.
  2. One page design statement. This statement may explain why student desires to pursue industrial design as a career, their goals, intentions, design philosophy, etc.
  3. A résumé with work history and past university or college experience and high school.
  4. A portfolio consisting of no more than (7) pieces of the student's best work. Work should represent the student's capabilities and skills in industrial design as well as art, engineering, CAD, other computer skills, photography, and any other related field. Original work is preferred unless the project is too large to bring in; then photographs or graphic reproductions will suffice. Each student must show examples of the following:
    • Perspective booklet completed in ID 310
    • Drawing Portfolio from ID110 or equivalent course
    • Hand rendering/sketching examples that show creativity
    • At least one Sophomore ID project
    • Evidence of computer skills (preferably part of an original project)
    • Sketchbook that demonstrate the students thought process, sketching abilities, and creativity.
  5. A maximum of 12 students are accepted yearly into the junior program and we reserve the right to select less than 12. Typically, 19 to 26 students apply each year for the review.